Week 3 of Round 2...

The third week of abraxane, second round, is kicking my butt a bit, and what with funeral and doctor appointments and feeling off-kilter, I've been taking a bit of a break from the blogosphere.  Mostly this consists of napping.  Or thinking about napping.  Or trying to nap, but feeling a bit too yucky to manage to get to sleep.  I might even dream about napping, I'm not sure... I'm asleep at the time.

Next week is Chemo Vacation Week, so I'm hoping to recover a bit.  If I do, I'll do a real post.

Not that a 'real' post will be a big thrill to anyone, but I'm looking forward to having enough energy and brain power to manage it.**

In the meantime, if you want to read about something more substantive, go over to Donna's blog and read a bit about the Avastin issue.  I think there are good arguments on both sides of the debate, so linking from her blog and doing more research is a good idea.

**If my idea of a 'real' post turns out to be inane babbling, please don't let me know.  The whole 'chemo brain' thing is freaking me out enough, as it is.  Leave me my delusions of coherence, and collect karma points for cyber-neighborliness.  


Delighted Hands said...

Whatever works for you right now is alright by us! Take care!

krex said...

You at your worst is still smarter then most at their best ;)