The Lowdown

So: bad news, bad news, related bad news, good news, good news.

1.  Dr. Bouncy thinks the hip pain is probably from breaks in the hip and/or femur, and that I may need a rod put in.  Goody, more difficult decisions and painful procedures that will rob me of my limited functional time.  That's assuming the rod wouldn't just shatter the bone more and make things even more difficult, perhaps even end my life early.  That is a BIG assumption.

2.  Dr. Bouncy strongly believes that we should continue the more aggressive schedule of three weeks on and one week off for at least one more round.  I am not happy about this, as I am still suffering from side effects despite my week off, and side effects are cumulative.

2a.  Also my eyebrows and eyelashes have made a sudden dash for freedom.  Turns out eyelashes are very useful and protective things, as well as being decorative.  My eyes are very angry with me.  I'm not too happy with them, either, so the feeling is mutual.

3.  I feel a little bit better, in terms of the hip pain, than I felt yesterday.  I felt a little bit better yesterday than I felt the days before.  I am hoping that this is a trend, and that we can put off the whole rod idea for a while.  Ugh.  We await the x-ray results and the consultation with the Orthopod**.

4.  The scan results are in, and although all the tumors are still there (my own not-so-little flock...), they are noticeably smaller and less active.  Thus #2 on this particular Hit Parade.  Dr. Bouncy wants to smack them hard while they are still vulnerable.  Not in hopes of a cure, of course, but in hopes of getting them inactive enough that we can hold them off for a little while with something a bit less dire and Quality-of-Life-Destroying later on.  It's been a long time since these puppies have come anywhere within screaming distance of going in the 'right' direction, so this is at least moderately encouraging news.  The first moderately encouraging news we've had in a long, long time.

Given item #1, I feel like I've been slapped and then kissed - I'm not entirely certain how I feel about the whole thing.

**People who write to correct this lose 500 Humor Points and have to find all my kidnapped socks and match them to their grieving orphaned twins.  Seriously, every time the laundry is done, I lose at least 8 socks.  I'm going to be barefoot soon, and nobody wants to have to look at my naked feet, believe me!


Delighted Hands said...

A day off would be nice, wouldn't it?!

Roberta said...

Ummm...I have leftover fake eyelashes you can have. They work the same and look smashingly sexy!!! You can bat them at all the men in your life.
I say boo to the rod. Surgery sucks and you don't need anymore pain.

And why are you doing any laundry??? socks or no socks...someone should be doing that for you?
There...solved. Now lets tackle world hunger.
Love you..