More Good News... Sort Of

The results of the x-ray are in and... um, not much, actually.

No breaks, no new fractures, no impending fractures evident.  Could be a little bone spur irritating a nerve bundle, could be a cartilage issue, could be the tumor regressing is causing a bone 'toothache', could be a slight dislocation, could be a pinched nerve, could be just feeling the tumor after a period where the tumor wasn't bothering me.

In other words, who knows?  And who knows if it will get better or not?  Not us, and not the doctor.

The good news: no need for a rod for the moment.  Yay!

The bad news: no particular way to help myself get less pain and more mobility.  Just wait to see what happens, grit my teeth and bear it.

Ah, well, just one more of the joys of being Little Rose Cancer Hood!


soren2go said...

I say take what ever good news you can and run with it. Praying for you. May today bring something that creates a smile in your heart.

krex said...

Sounds like better news then the worse that could be expected....so, the glass is half full but I'm really, really thristy.....(for even better news ) . I hope to see you Friday for rainbows, butterflies and unicorn farts<---smell like Baklava baking, incase your wondering .

Delighted Hands said...

Not to have to face hip surgery is very good news. Let's have lots more of this kind!

Roberta said...

Hallelujah! Finally...something we can celebrate.
Now, what other mountains are you expected to climb this week?
(You know what I mean)

Love you lots...

mrspao said...

Hug xxxx

mrspao said...

Hug xxxx