Ow, my... well, my everything, actually...

First of all, Las Vegas is really great. Everything is huge - the mountain ranges are huge, the hotels are huge, the shows are huge, and the buffets are really, really, really, really, really huge. I mean HUGE. We kept going to the same one, because it was so awesome that you really couldn't appreciate it in one sitting.

So we didn't. We appreciated it in four sittings.

And we left every single one just before we exploded. Seriously, it's amazing that we can even think about food without splitting at the seams. And I ignored the No Gluten rule completely, with the result that I am swollen as a tick and aching in every joint.

I'm glad to be back to the routine - but boy, did we have fun. I'll report more on my other blog, but probably in a day or two, when I've partially recovered. For now, I need a nap.

And a lot of digestive enzymes...