A Brief Update...

I'm fine, more or less - just having a very busy week or two.

I did manage to get to a local sheep & wool festival and even sold a wheel, along with several items from my friend's adjoining table.  I was SO glad to have been able to attend, since that was seriously in question during the weeks previous, when I was very crippled up with pain in my hip.  I not only got to spend the weekend with my lovable husband and my good friend Denise, but I also met several delightful past acquaintances and some lovely new-people-who-are-now-delightful-acquaintances.

I followed that up with the second week's infusion of this 3-week round of chemo.  Plus I actually managed to get to both my acupuncture appointment and my healing-touch appointment, both very helpful.

On Sunday I got to go to my exceedingly bright and beautiful niece's high school production of 'Phantom of the Opera' - and yes, they did manage to do an excellent job of it, in spite of the Andrew Lloyd Webber score being extremely challenging for such young artists.  Afterwards we had delicious cake and excellent conversation at the home of my cousins and said niece, and then took my son and his girlfriend out to dinner (thus managing to have dessert first and last, as well as having our cake and eating it, too).

A good time was had by all.

On a sadder note, another bright light and spirit has passed from this world.  Dee Spresser - a wonderful lady and longtime friend of my mother's - died this weekend.  Hers was a different cancer than mine, but it was just as deadly, and cruelly took our friend before her time.  We will miss her kind heart, her dry wit, and her sharp bridge play.


timary said...

Glad you got to make it to the festival! Wishing you ease with this next 3 week round of chemo. xoxoxo

Rachel said...

Hi Eileen,

Great to stumble on your blog. Best of luck with your journey! Have you heard about our Fight for Avastin to be kept on-label for the 17,500+ Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer the drug is working for? Please sign & share our petition: www.fameds.org/petition.php