More Info On Research and Metastatic Breast Cancer

A little while ago, I wrote about the woeful state of current research on metastatic breast cancer.

Well, now the fabulous Donna Peach has written a post that you might find of interest on the subject - she links to an excellent presentation by Musa Mayer on the urgent need for research in this area.  Go there and check it out!


Anonymous said...

haha, dear Eileen, you are MORE fabulous
love and hugs,

Elizabeth said...

Eileen, your beautiful post contributed to a whole conversation among the (newly termed)#cancerrebels who attended the conference. I linked to your entry on my site, and am now following you as well.
You, Donna and so many other FABULOUS #cancerrebels (cancer bloggers) are important reasons why I went to D.C. last weekend.

So glad for the good news since that first post!

Elizabeth Danu