They Don't Tell You This Part

They told me that I would probably start losing my hair, probably in big clumps, somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks after my first chemo treatment. 

I am slightly ahead of schedule, since I started losing my hair last night, 3 days short of two weeks.


(nobody mentioned this particular possibility, I wonder why?)



Delighted Hands said...

a friend of my Mom said that you have to keep your sense of humor with cancer 'cuz it tries to rob even that. This was one area she used to laugh about and enjoyed not shaving her legs or armpits either! It is good you can laugh about THIS hairloss, too!

The Violet Hoarder said...

Sooo--when it does affect your head--maybe it's time for the wig of your dreams. Something long and wavy in red? Or, have you already knitted some unbelievably beautiful head covering that would make a mere wig seem boring...there must be a niche for folks who knit gorgeous hats for those in chemo. Maybe something with beads!

krex said...

always knew you would excel where others lagged behind...I think it was a brilliant idea to cut your beautiful hair before it started to fall out and the new hair cut is great...while it lasted .Hope you saved your hair to braid into something fun...like a wig ? I would be glad to try and make one for you with your assistance...a project for my coming week off ?

(I also have some lovely baby alpaca locks and a felting needle ...hummm) .

mrspao said...

Lynne used to knit the most pretty chemo caps whilst she was waiting for her appointments. I have heard that you do lose hair from other place first from someone else (although my friend was fairly bald on his head to start with)

Sending you big hugsxxx

Nancy K. said...

Have you considered spinning your hair? (from your HEAD!)