Bad News

Well, the scan results are back, and the news is very, very bad. 

I was expecting bad news.  My back, plus a spot on my back ribs and another on the front ribs, have been pretty painful for the past couple weeks, and my hips have started hurting again.

Now I know why.  That part isn't a surprise... well, not entirely.  Like I said, I was expecting bad news.  I just wasn't really expecting the news to be quite THIS bad...

Over a dozen tumors, most in my bones - including spine, neck, ribs, jaw, pelvis, both femurs - many with fractures.  Most are intensely active.  I also have a nodule and a partially collapsed lung, possibly a pulmonary embolism, some soft tissue tumors in the neck, chest and hip/leg muscle, and 'activity' in the colon, liver, lung, and thyroid. 

Unfortunately the only tumor available for potential biopsy/oncotyping is very small and not even registering very much - the only small and 'mildly active' tumor of the bunch - so I'm afraid it might not be much help for determining effective treatment.

This all in a few months, which is very discouraging.  And scary.

My appointment with Dr. Bouncy is tomorrow morning.  I'll report more after consulting with him.

Not a good day.


The Violet Hoarder said...

You may not feel it, but I'm giving you a giant soft hug. One day at a time, my girl, one day at a time.

krex said...

You have no idea how sad I am to hear this news . All I can think for now is "that's not FAIR!"<---in whingy 6 year old voice .
I do not know how you are managing to still function as a bad period can have me complaining about having to cook or go to work .

dang it !

Nancy K. said...

Well, SHIT!

I am so sorry, Eileen. My heart hurts for you. I wish there were some magic words that I could come up with that would make you feel better. I got nothin'


Except that you are loved.

Delighted Hands said...

As you say, not a surprise but it is still a jolt to hear the news, isn't it?! Each day has become so valuable.......thank you for your grace in the face of this.

mrspao said...

Oh no - that is terrible. I feel very sad :( Big big hugs