Hat Boxes Needed

My hair started coming off my head this morning, just in time for my second round of chemo**.

This was in keeping with my day, which started with me not being able to find my numbing cream, so that they had to poke the large port needle into my swollen, bruised flesh without any nice, comforting anesthetic.


I'll report more on all things port at a later date.

They slowed the Cytoxan drip this time, and so although I still got sinus pressure during the IV, it was not as intense as last time.  

So far, I have developed a nasty headache (sinus and otherwise), and I'm much more nauseous already than I was last time, which is not happy making.  And I have a sore throat for some reason (inside, as opposed to the port pain, see above), and the jaw is hurting again.  On the other hand, so far my temps are normal, so that's a good thing.  We'll see what tomorrow brings on the side effects front.

But the day ended nicely.  Mom and I went to lunch, and then went to a wig and hat store and bought one soft knit nightcap sort of thing, to hold my hair from spreading itself all over my pillow and bed tonight, and then also got two really cute hats.  I mean, really fun, silly, fancy, cute hats. 

These will be added to the darling beret that my brilliant friend Timary made for me.  It's a new design of hers, so I hadn't seen it before.  You can find her patterns (including the slouchy beanie beret) at her Etsy store right here.  

Thing is, when I got the hat she sent, I thought, "Ooo, FUN!!"  And then I thought, "Ooo, the colors are so ME!!"  And then I thought, "Ooo, this yarn is so soft and pretty!!"  And then I thought, "Hey, this yarn looks sort of familiar, actually..."  And then I realized... Timary bought my yarn a while back, and put a lot of work into making something out of it, AND THEN SENT IT BACK TO ME.  It was my yarn!!

So now I am going to send her more.  Some of it will be for her... and some of it will be for the really cute 20's Flapper Hat.  Because I don't crochet, and am not up to learning how at the moment, but she has designed one darling hat, I must say!!

So now I have these really cute hats, and no place to store them properly (the only hat I've got stored/displayed currently is my floppy old straw hat, which is sitting on the head of my son's wooden rocking horse.  It's very fetching, but not very protected).  So if anybody just happens to have a nice big hatbox sitting around, and wants to donate it to a needy cause, I'm it.

** I forgot to post this last night, and this morning half my head came off.  I think my toilet is going to start horking up hairballs, in a weird sort of harmonic convergence with The Cat...


Delighted Hands said...

This is one of those moments you are never prepared for even when you were expecting it!

Nancy K. said...

Lunch with your mom and shopping for wigs and hats sounds like fun. I LOVE your attitude as you face these changes. I remember how devastated my mother was when she lost her hair to chemo. I think you look adorable in the purple hat...


mrspao said...

I'm imagining you with an afro....

Anonymous said...

Dearest friend, I thought of you today while having tea. Wish I could send you some of my little bit of energy. As for the hair, it is, er, fetching LOL. Love and hugs, donna

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