La Gimpe, C'est Moi

My last post was unintentionally misleading, for two reasons.

For one, by 'passing the half century mark,' I meant that I turned 51... to me, 50 is the half century mark, so passing it means getting past that age. I'm sorry if I confused you!

The other reason is that although I started out the year at age 50, in the past few months I aged from 50 to 95 in what is probably record time.

I haven't been in what you'd call prime shape for quite a while, but I used to be a pretty vigorous walker. This year I went from vigorous walker to hobbling walker, from hobbling walker to needing a cane, from needing a cane to needing a walker, and I don't expect it will be long before we start talking about wheelchairs. It's a struggle to get out of chairs, and a struggle to get in and out of bed.

And let me tell you, endocrine treatments don't do much for your reflection in the mirror, either. They suck all the juice right out of you, and suddenly your skin goes all crepe-ish and dry - one day you are respectably middle aged and the next day you look in the mirror and see your grandmother (except my grandmother had much better skin than I seem to have).

So in a way, on Friday I was passing my Century mark, as well.

I've always been precocious.

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Delighted Hands said...

Where were you when I was arguing this fact with everyone I knew at the 'turn of the century'! I said we should celebrate it in 2001 but I was a lone voice.......

Some years age you more than others; period. Cancer is just an accelerator.