Another Year...

Today I pass the Half Century mark. I celebrated by going to Physical Therapy - very exciting.

Tonight I get to go to a show at the Brave New Workshop - a family tradition, since my dad actually worked there with Dudley Riggs and Dick Guindon all those many years ago. My son was in their Teen Performance Troupe. So heck, we practically own it, right?

On Sunday my mom is having us over for a celebratory Bouja supper. No, this is not the Bouja you are familiar with - we think that perhaps 'bouja' is Czech for 'stew' or something equally generic. This is a very unique thing, and it is Heaven. Along with the Czech potato dumplings (potato-sized, cannonball-weight), totally worth the gluten-induced pain the next day. I'll be half-good and have cheesecake instead of our traditional homemade birthday cake.

I promise to be good next week, but if you can't be a little bad on your birthday, when can you be bad?

I made it another year. Yay, me!


Anonymous said...

Yay you! And yay for Dudley Riggs!

Delighted Hands said...

Yeah for the fifties! Welcome aboard! The birthday mean sounds wonderful-enjoy and savor the milestone.

timary said...

Welcome to the club! xx00xx