Clock Ticking...

So. Dr. Bouncy has not called to give me the results of the scan. Traditionally, he has called me before our followup appointment when the news is bad, so this could be good news.

Or, conversely, the news could be so devastating that he feels obligated to tell me in person.

Or maybe he forgot.


Followup appointment in 8.5 hours.

Labs drawn at 10:30. The nurse at the scan on Monday told me my veins are starting to scar up, getting hard to get into - this is bad, since they have always been tiny, rolling, collapsing veins. They've always had to use the 'baby needles' to get in, and they usually leave bruises from all the fishing around they do with the needle. I've never been able to donate blood, they need to use needles too large to get into my veins. I really don't want to have to get a port just so they can take the stupid vial of blood... I'm so likely to become allergic to the stupid thing, among other issues.

They will, as always, weigh me. I may regret all that State Fair food.

Dr. Bouncy at 11:00.




Delighted Hands said...

Bring along an absolutely gorgeously soft skein of yarn to fondle to keep you relaxed for the appointment........

Dori Ann said...

Good thoughts and prayers coming your way! I will be up your way soon, hopefully we can get together :) Heather has her surgery on the 8th, all goes well I will have some free time.
How are those socks coming?

Nancy K. said...

How is it that when I'm too busy to check your blog you finally post?

I feel so badly for you on this post! The waiting and anticipation must be horribly stressful! Just what you need ~ more stress.

Just smile and remember how much fun it was eating all that State Fair Food...