Pain and Not

My adventures in hospital have been a mixed bag, in that I've had quite a bit of pain in my leg and hip and sitzbone, and unfortunately the standard treatments don't seem to be working for yours truly, and an important treatment has been misplaced and unfortunately now will probably be both important and unavailable in the future - and then there's the unexplained swelling in my leg/foot, which has been difficult to resolve.  And of course we had that trouble with the Nurse of Doom.

You'd think that would mean that we'd be unhappy with the hospital, or the hospital staff.  But you would be wrong.  The support staff - the social workers, nurses and nurses' aides, palliative care people, physical therapists and occupational therapists, the people from the hospice program - have been absolutely fantastic.

During a time that has been chaotic, rushed, confusing, full of unknowns and unknowables, full of demands for attention and fears of loss... we've been surrounded by people who obviously have a real Calling.  They have been incredibly gentle and kind, consistently helpful in the face of our confusion and dismay and fear, and unfailingly patient with our anger and sadness.  At all times they have been mindful of my desire to be treated with dignity - not an easy thing with someone who is entirely dependent on others to do not only bathing, but to assist with such intimate issues as cleaning after using the toilet.

To top things off, they did their best to mitigate the damage done by the Nurse of Doom; instead of leaving us at the brink of a holiday weekend with nowhere to go, they went out of their way to help us with making arrangements for the next stage of this journey; it's such a comfort to know that when I leave this hospital, I will actually have a place to go.

If you have the need to go to a hospital in the Twin Cities, and you have a serious illness, Abbott Northwestern is definitely a good and caring place to be.  I am told by my nurses that it is also a good place to work.  One of the social workers told me that if she was sick, she would crawl 30 miles over broken glass to get here - I think that probably is what would be considered a positive sign.  I'm not big on glass in my knees, but I understand what she meant.

Oops, they are here to get me and whisk me off to the next station on our journey.  Will report when able - wish me luck!


Leslie said...

My own dealings with Hospice (my mom, and my son) were filled with the most incredible comforting and caring people I have ever met. Theirs is indeed a calling.

Delighted Hands said...

So glad you found this silver lining in the storm!

The Violet Hoarder said...

I suspected the Nurse of Doom was an exception! I agree with you about ANH--I've been in their emergency room twice in the past few years and felt very well taken care of. I hope this next stage and place (where are you going, do tell?) is somewhere that causes you and your family to emit a huge sigh of relief. It feels so wonderful to set down the stone, even for a little while. I hope they allow you to do that. Blessings and peace.

Nancy K. said...

I'm happy to hear that the rest of the staff is as wonderful as they all SHOULD be. There is just no excuse for rude/inconsiderate behavior from a health care professional when dealing with a patient.

Do you know when you will be discharged from the hospital? I just want to know that you are someplace where you are as COMFORTABLE as is possible ~ both physically and mentally. How's your Mom holding up? I'm sending hugs for BOTH of you (Dad too, of course!)

Jill Stanze said...

I love Abbott Northwestern. I live much closer to other providers but would, and do, drive to AN for all my treatment. With you as you navigate today. Thankful to hear you have a 'destination' post hospital. If you feel like sharing, please let folks know where a note can be sent via the old fashioned way... :-)

Sending the warmth of a good hug and a smile to you and your family.

Love and peace, Jill

krex said...

lurking and struggling for the right words .

Carla said...

I hope for peace for you and your family, and send prayers for you.

Thank you for always being an ear and having warm words for me to read. I will miss them.

Carla Scruggs