More Pink Business

As long-time blogger friend and newly diagnosed BC Sister Nancy points out, my KomenWatch link was no longer working.  So I fixed it, I hope... and added a couple more links in my BC Info section.  Thanks for reminding me, Nancy.  I'll try to add some more useful sites to that list for you in the next few days.

It's worth visiting the KomenWatch site; they've posted a few new articles recently, the latest on Komen's marketing of two new products and how that sort of marketing impacts the theoretical bottom line of a supposedly non-profit agency.  Link from that article or this to Geoff Livingston's comments on 'Cause Competitiveness' and how it affects the bottom line of non-profits - assuming that the bottom line of a cause-related organization is to find a solution to a particular problem, and thus to eventually put itself out of business.  He raises points well worth pondering.


Nancy K. said...

Thanks for fixing the links Eileen! I'll check them out right away. You have been so generous with the information that you share.

I met with my surgeon today and have decided on a mastectomy. We discussed a number of options and it was my decision and one that my children were very happy I made! I will have breast reconstruction as well. I'm meeting with the plastic surgeon next week to discuss options with that.

Crazy busy but I'm doing OK...

Nancy K. said...

Haven't heard from you for awhile. How are you doing? I worry when we don't hear from you. Then again, I shouldn't talk! I've gotten so bad about posting on my blog that I've lost 1/2 of my readership. My mind just has too many places to go!