I Love My Friends

Some of my wonderful women friends are getting bad news this week.  They are looking at some of the same hard choices that I have either had to make in the past, or that I am making now.

Some of them are making these choices for the first time; I remember how scary that was when I was looking into that great unknown.  I also remember how angry I was as I found out more about the choices I wasn't being offered (or allowed to make).

Some of them are making these choices again, the latest exercise in a long line of choosing between one evil and another.  The quality of the scared and angry is a bit different with wear and tear, but it's still there.  The choices aren't easier - although we know a bit more, through research and experience, we're still facing some great unknowns. 

It sucks, no matter how you look at it. 

Unfortunately, although I can offer information, and more importantly my sympathy and support, I cannot offer answers or fixes.  As far as I can find, there aren't any of those out there.

But I can offer love.  I'm thinking of you every day, my sisters; I cannot hold you in my arms, but I hold you in my heart - as I know you hold me in yours.  In that connection, at least, we are strong.


Delighted Hands said...

Being a fixer myself, the hardest part about serious illness is the inability to DO something to make it go away......being there is the best you can offer.

Anonymous said...

I will think of you and all your friends when I do my laps at Relay for Life tomorrow night.

Nancy K. said...

Thanks for being there Eileen. I'm going to want to bend your ear, REAL soon!

Nancy K. said...

Your link under Breast Cancer Information doesn't work. You've found SO much excellent information...