October Is A Good Month

This bears repeating, so I'm posting it on both my blogs - but if you read both, you are only obligated to read it once!

October is my favorite month. The leaves turn colors, the weather is suitable for all things woolen, the air is crisp and so are the apples... what's not to love?

Not only that, but there is Halloween/Samhain. Not to mention my 21st wedding anniversary. And my sister Jana's and brother Joel's birthdays (happy birthday to yooooooo... love you guys!!)

From now until the first of the coming year, it's Holiday Madness - Hooray!!

AND October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Non-GMO Month. Please link to information on both issues, if you aren't aware of them already. They are critical to your health and the health of those you love. Take action where you can, educate where you can, get involved where you can.

Have a wonderful autumn, everyone!!


Delighted Hands said...

October is a GOOD month! Enjoy!

krex said...

Also love fall...colors, first smell of burning fire places, air feels good in my lungs and I'm finally not sweating . The only draw back is trying to quit the dread of approaching winter driving ....my Achilles heel .

timary said...

The wool part sure sounds good. Still to warm here, unfortunately. But enjoy it for me!

The Violet Hoarder said...

I so agree about this month! When you see all the beauty around there's just no way to not believe that whatever made us loves us--nomatter what. Who could have even imagined those puffy clouds in the Oct. blue sky--the burning colors of trees--the sun on the water. We can't take any of this for granted.