Nothing Much...

A few random updates:

I got a present from Denise the other day. Thanks, Denise!!! It's a really awesome felted critter, it's so cute and reminds me of my parents' dog. Except that she's not orange and pink, and she has a totally different tail and ear set, and she moves and begs for stuff, and she has lumps, and she growls and barks at people who come to the door... where was I going with this?

Oh, yeah. Unfortunately my camera is broken, so I can't post a photo of the critter for you. So you'll have to link to her blog and check her stuff out for yourself. It might take you a while to get to some of her real critters - she's very eclectic, so there's something new and wildly different every day. But you can learn a lot about felting, and maybe about dyeing, and definitely about creativity. Denise is a closet genius. If she were scientifically inclined, she'd be Tesla, or maybe Edison, except with a braid.

The Tamoxifen, or the Boniva, or some combination thereof, is giving me monster joint aches. Wheeee. The flip side of that is that at least for the moment, the Boniva really helped with the bone pain in the hip. And while joint aches are not really great for the Quality of Life, they totally trump bone pain.

The nausea, on the other hand, pretty much sucks. But I guess you can't have everything.

My giant Birthday Balloon is still floating in the living room. It's starting to look a bit like me - a bit withered, but still trying. I appreciate the effort, so I refuse to get rid of it until it sinks to the floor. At which point I'll throw it away, but I'll feel guilty about it, because it was trying so hard.

Maybe if I were a better person and more prepared, I would have a helium tank around here so that I could perform resuscitation - but I'm worried that if I had a helium tank I would do something wrong and blow up the house with it. Or maybe fill the house with helium so that it breaks free of the foundations and floats into the air and then comes down on some poor woman with striped socks and red sparkly shoes and then hordes of squeaky Little People would smack me with giant lollipops and force me to go camping in a field full of poppies and ragweed so that my allergies would knock me out until the flying monkeys could get me.

I'm afraid of the flying monkeys. So the balloon is going to have to continue on its current course and fade away to a lumpy, annoying, shapeless, dysfunctional thing that will need to be dealt with somehow, in spite of its best efforts.

The parallels are obvious.

And finally, a suggestion:

The fall apple crop is awesome this year. Seriously, go out into the countryside, enjoy the last few autumn leaves, visit a farm and pick up a bag or two of your favorite apple varietal. That way you will feed a small independent business and yourself, at the same time. It's a Win/Win!

While you are there, pick up a pumpkin or two - Halloween is only a couple weeks away, and it's never too early to enjoy Halloween. The Cat is trying to prepare for Halloween by practicing at turning black. So far all she's managed is throwing me Black Looks, but she's practicing that a lot, so she might get there eventually. Or she might manage to turn me into a Newt. You never know.

This is an old photo of The Cat, but it gives you an idea of what I put up with every day in terms of Attitude. I didn't photoshop in the eyes - she's got blue eyes, and sometimes photos just come out that way. Or else maybe the camera picked up on the quality of her soul, I can't be certain...


krex said...

Thanks for nomination for closet genius....(I just wish my closets weren't as messy as my brain) .

Sorry about the trade off of one pain for another . have you tried ginger root for the nausea or some other uhmmm...natural substance which is some times inhaled or put in brownies?

Did you know scientist once tried to breed the "attitude" out of cats...all they were left with was a pile of fur .

Nancy K. said...

a-hem! It's been FIVE DAYS!
I'm just sayin'...

Roberta said...

Thinking of you today...the waves were really big down at the beach. Just drove by, no sea glass hunting. Too tired for that these days.

The kitty just looks like she doesn't approve of papparazzi... not a bad thing.

Love you..