Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

So my homeschooling-kids-w/Asperger's list popped up this morning with a link to a very worthy cause:


And I got to thinking, wouldn't it be great if there were a group/site that did this sort of thing for cancer patients and their families? Alternative tests and treatments are not expensive compared to the standard ones paid for by insurance coverage... but they are also not covered by insurance companies, which means that tests and/or treatment that cost $3,000 or less per year (CATT, for instance, or using non-radiating thermography instead of mammography) is vastly more expensive for the patient than a $6,000 MRI or PET scan - not to even mention the insane cost of chemo and radiation treatments, etc.

Something for someone more organized and clever than I currently am to ponder... but wouldn't it be loverly?

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Brent King said...

Eileen, I am a infrared thermographer working on starting a business for imaging women that need very low cost breast imaging. The technology can be cost effective compared to what doctors offices would charge. I know I used to work in a cancer center for 8 years, I know the way they work.