Words and Reality

Benign. Malignant.

Such evocative words, don't you think? Weird to think of tumors being either benevolent little lumps smiling peacefully in their own little world... or evilly plotting monsters hiding in their lairs, sending out their minions to wreak havoc wherever they go.

Such small things, to have such a huge impact on the survival of the world in which they live.

In a way, it's an image that should give us pause when we think about our own impact on the world in which we live. To simply smile benignly upon our own little world may seem like a rather inactive, unimportant activity - but the difference between that and doing active damage can be the difference between life and utter destruction.

Think how much more powerful positive action can be; think how much more powerful chaotic action can be; think how much more powerful negative action can be.

When we choose to either take action or to refrain from taking action, do we have any true understanding of the consequences that follow? Small things can have great consequences, magnificent or disastrous. And we have the power to choose which small actions we are going to take in our own universe, which ripples we are going to send off across our own personal pond.

We may be small, we may often feel insignificant, but we matter.

Every cell, and every soul.


mrspao said...

You matter to me! Hug xxx

Nancy K. said...

Eileen, would you please email me your snail mail address? Dream wants to send you something....


Keeping you in my prayers

Robin said...

You are in our thoughts too. Best of luck

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