In The End, This Is What It's All About

We make a big deal - in both positive and extremely negative ways - about the details of our various religions and spiritual beliefs.  I never could understand the fuss.

To me, to fight about the differences between my way of communing with the universe and your way of celebrating God's existence is like fighting about the differences between the brass and the string sections of the orchestra.  We are each of us one part of the great celestial harmony - each voice simultaneously unique and part of a greater whole, making of the entire something unimaginably, achingly beautiful.  The notes change, the harmonies break apart and regroup, but nothing is wasted, nothing disappears forever, nothing ends.  The music goes on.

I believe that science reflects, rather than diminishes, this spiritual understanding.  Superstring theory, astronomy, biology, physics - all, in one way or another, come down to an understanding of the interconnectedness of everything.  All of creation resonates harmoniously; religion, art, music, dance, philosophy, literature - they are all born of our need to express this spiritual and tangible truth.

I find it a great comfort to think of this.  I hope that you do, too.

My thanks to Gypsy Maria Lorimer for pointing out this video.  As always, it's just one way of looking at one facet of a greater whole - but it's a beautiful facet to contemplate!


Leslie said...

a beautiful and thought provoking video. Thank you for sharing.

The Violet Hoarder said...

Yes, the fundamental truth. Every one of us is related to everyone else and every rock and tree and the sun and stars. Thanks for this important reminder. It is comforting---to be so big and so small and so connected all at the same time.

Ellen said...

Thank you for this video. I've shared it as well. It's just awesome and I never thought of life like this.