Brief Brief

For some reason I've been very busy doing not very much.  So I don't have a lot to report, but here is what there is:

My strength and pain levels seem to be very much an up and down sort of deal.  So I've visited my folks a couple times, gone to the movies with my son and his fiance once, gone to the doctor for a checkup three times (once each doctor - GP, Palliative Specialist, Oncologist), and that's about it.

My appetite varies quite a bit from day to day, but the general trend is vaguely positive.  Still, I am losing weight, which makes Dr. Bouncy unhappy.  I'm trying.

I've been grateful for the weird lack of snow and ice this winter - the last thing I need is to deal with slipping and falling at this point.

I've been upset with my lack of a wheelchair lift for my van.  Unfortunately, private insurance does not help with such things as wheelchair ramps and lifts, or other durable equipment.  I would be getting out more if I were able to zip around in my chair.  Grrrr.

I've been expending most of my energy at home in repelling my cat's creative and sneaky attempts to settle herself on either my stomach or my left leg.  Evidently the areas that are most painful and inconvenient to me are the most appealing to her, and hers is a very persistant sort of personality.  After six weeks or so, she is just starting to surrender... by which I mean that when I am awake and have thrown her off a few times, she will curl up on my shoulder or arm until I drift off to sleep, at which point she will make another attempt at the Forbidden Zones.

Although my leg and lung strength are not good, my arm strength is improving.  Clearly the cat is not having my appetite issues; she evidently is eating lead weights for dinner.  I should hide her under my shirt when I get weighed at the doctor's office - Dr. Bouncy would be ecstatic.

My granddaughter has decided to take the earlier generations as role models, and will evidently be making a suitably tardy appearance, much to her parents' dismay.  I will announce her arrival when she decides she's good and ready.  If she takes after her father, I would recommend bribery.  If she takes after her paternal grandmother, I would recommend good quality chocolate.


Delighted Hands said...

And so life goes on.....

Nice to hear from you and laugh over the cat antics. You know, I have watched a show about the cats being able to detect cancer-that is why she is being attracted to your most painful areas....interesting .

mrspao said...

I'm laughing thinking about your kitty! They will do whatever they like, won't they!!