This past couple weeks has been a waiting game, for the most part - waiting to see if we could get the financing set up for the new chemo.  Evidently my insurance company is cheerfully willing to spend tens  of thousands of dollars every month to have me get chemo by infusion, but won't spend less than a thousand per month for chemo I have to take orally.  So I had to apply to various private charitable orgs in order to get funding.  Funding that will work for this year (two months), but which will have to be applied for all over again in January, with no guarantee of approval.

Are we having fun yet?

So as of Friday, the funding is there for November and December, and the chemo (Xeloda) is on its way.  I'll start on Monday, theoretically.

I have reservations.  I've been having gastro-intestinal issues with the Gemzar, and the Xeloda is even more likely to cause issues there.  And they have me on a fairly high dosage, which seems unwise given my history with chemo (and drugs in general).  But we'll give it a shot, I guess - there aren't a lot of options available any more, so we've got to try what we can.

Wish me luck...


Joanna said...

What is the rationale for the insurance company's denial. Have you appealed their denial? Sometimes, the whole thing is just bewildering.

I hope the Xeloda is tolerable and effective.

soren2go said...

I send you hugs and prayers that your body will cooperate and help you endure any side effects.

Anonymous said...

Dearest friend,

I am sending every good wish that the new regimen will be good for and to you. It's not enough that you have to deal with the disease but to also have to deal with insurance at such a time is just torture. Insurance company decision makers should have to experience this first hand to understand what it feels like on the waiting end at times like this.

Always thinking of you, with love and many hugs,

mrspao said...

How frustrating! I am glad you do have funding for the next two months and am praying that it will have a good impact on your body. It was so good to see you despite me being in hospital. xxxxxxoooooxxxxx