Awareness Worth Having

My friend Donna is posting some really great information about breast cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  All the marketing of Pink glitz and glam, all the Pink pies and ribbons and shirts and motorcycles and cars, all the ballyhoo... it can distract us from some of the more important facts that we really need to get across about breast cancer.  It can lead us to underestimate the seriousness about the disease - it can lead us to even believe that breast cancer is curable.

Unfortunately, breast cancer is not curable.  Not even the most 'mild' case is curable.  The best we have achieved, with all our research and our advances in treatment, is remission.  Remission means that the cancer in your body is not currently detectable by our current technology... but it does not mean the cancer is gone.  Breast cancer tends to recur, and more often than not when it recurs, it does so in its deadly form.
And there is nothing pinkly pretty about metastatic breast cancer.

So let's get ourselves truly educated about breast cancer.  Let's be aware about its realities.

Donna's posts are a good place to start.  Here are links to her most recent Awareness Points:

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* My thanks to Donna, whose blog is a constant source of inspiration and information, and whose person is a blessing, indeed!


Delighted Hands said...

Hope things improve for you....thanks for the link to her blog and all the info!

Dori said...

I can't imagine the discomfort and frustration! My little incident has left me beside myself most of the time and you are so brave. Sometimes you have said when you are faced with these things you don't have much choice, weeellll I find that not true :) I can be a whooose no matter what I'm faced with lol
Hang in there girl, your in my prayers and heart
Love you