According to the evidence, I haven't written anything here since December.

I don't believe the evidence.  It can't have been that long, could it?

On investigation, it turns out that what little I have written in the last two weeks has been posted on the other blog.  So I guess you'll have to go there, if you want to check up on the phlegm-filled fun that has been my life lately...

More recently:

I wanted to have a PET/CT scan done, because my feeling is that things have progressed, and not in a good direction.  I've been having nasty pains in my spine and ribs, I've been more tired recently, and the lump in my chest that I use as a sort of cancer yardstick has been growing lately. 

I ended up having to pass on the scan scheduled for last week, however, since I couldn't lay down for more than a minute or two without trying to forcibly eject my lungs.  That wouldn't have been conducive to a nice, clear picture of my innards.  So I saw Dr. Bouncy on Monday, but we didn't have too much to say or do that was useful, since we didn't have a scan to go over**.  He just okayed me for the bone meds IV, and off I went to get perforated (please remind me not to let them fob the cute little youngsters off on me - they are sweet, but they never can get into my veins properly, and I do not want a repeat of that chemical burn experience, thanks.  As it is, I now have beautiful abstract versions of 'Starry Night' decorating the middle section of both my arms).

So I have another appointment to see Dr. Bouncy again next month, and I will have a scan just prior; my job before then is to get rid of this stupid cough and respiratory grot.

For now, I think much of the viral part of this grue is over with, but the bacterial infection that took advantage of the dip in my immune function has hung on doggedly.  So I've finally given in and started up on the antibiotics, even though this means that I have a very high likelihood of developing the flu as a result.  Don't ask me why I get the flu 9 out of 10 times I take antibiotics.  I just do.

Per my request, however, my GP prescribed the same antibiotics I took for my ear infection last spring, as the fallout from that was relatively mild.  We'll keep our fingers crossed - and take lots of probiotics.

**Cancer gives people a very weird perspective on things.  Dr. Bouncy actually thought he was being encouraging and optimistic when he told me, "Well, the pain might not be the tumor growing.  Sometimes the tumor shrinks and leaves an empty space, so then the pressure crunches the vertebra down and causes stress fractures."  So instead of being filled with tumors, my spine might just be crumbling, instead?  Good news!!!


mrspao said...

Hug x pao's aunt has a crumbling spine so that's not so good either :(

Sending healthy thoughts your way xxxxxoooooxxxx

Delighted Hands said...

Hmmm, how about a real understatement--->Cancer sure complicates things.......
Hope you feel better soon and get no side affects from the visit with Aunti B!

Roberta said...

Ugh...horse and cart switching up positions again? I hear you. I hear you.
By the way...I now know what those are, thanks to you. The chemical burn thing. I got one from an infusion. Not a large one, but one none the less. I knew what it was from your description. Rich thought I had just burned myself in a medicated haze and not realized it. But it was from an infantile little lab tech. Gotta love them. It's like we are some sort of experimental training for them.
Cheers for the antibiotics...try to take them with yogurt or probiotics. Seems to help me a lot.

Nancy K. said...

Roberta might be onto something. Whenever a sheep needs to be put on antibiotics, it is recommended that it also be given probiotics. I hope that helps you with your treatment!

You sound absolutely MISERABLE! The coughing and phlegm (I do so love how you describe things) sound bad enough but pain in your spine and ribs just SUCKS.

I'm praying for NO FLUE...

Nancy K. said...

So, how are you doing, lady?
Did you get the flue? Or are you happily knitting away and just ignoring us? Perhaps you've decided to only post once a month?

It's getting BOring out here.....