...And Sometimes It Doesn't

If you have read the comments on my blog, you know that on occasion I've heard from a very kind and warm blogger named Daria.  If you've looked at my 'Followers' list, or my Blog List, you will find her there, as well.  You will find my comments on Daria's blog, as well.

Unfortunately, as of this past weekend, you will not find Daria herself on this earth.  On January 22nd, Daria was stolen from her friends and family by Breast Cancer.

We will miss her.


Roberta said...

I can't hardly stand it. I'm so sorry.
You see the train coming...but it doesn't help soften the impact at all.
I love you bunches...and hug you very hard from here. And hug your family. And hers.
Damn it.

mrspao said...

Hugging you masses. Sorry to hear about Daria.

Delighted Hands said...

I am so sorry........