Glowing, Day 2

Just a quick update:

Radiation is interesting. They do multiple x-rays every day while you lay on the hard slab (in my case, with my pants pulled down around my thighs - this is not an exercise that leaves you with your dignity intact), in order to make minute changes to your position so that they can target you as accurately as possible. Then a big disk full of various gadgets circles around you, making noises and vibrating, stopping here and there. Sometimes as one gadget or another swoops around and stops to hover above you, it sort of seems like they are peering at you quizzically - one alien being puzzling over another.

In my case, as the radiation hits me on one part or another, my muscles twitch involuntarily. It feels like someone plucking at my clothing, if there was clothing there. It doesn't hurt, it just feels very odd. The nurses say that this has never happened before, as far as they know. I'm sooooo special.

It feels a bit hot. I can tell that yes, it will feel as though I have a sunburn from the inside out. Currently it's more like that tingly heat you feel when you've been in the sun a bit too long - not pleasant, but not bad yet.

The positioning process is the long part - that takes 15 minutes or so. The treatment itself only takes 5 minutes or so, very quick.

Afterwards I feel a little wobbly, but it's not too bad. A few hours later I feel nauseous and a little muscle-fatigued, and a few hours after that I am also really tired. I suspect that this, as with the burning, will increase in intensity as I go along, a cumulative effect. For now, an hour's nap gives me enough energy to make it through dinner and watching television until bedtime. Tonight I'm more nauseous and have a moderate headache, but I don't know how much of this is due to the radiation and how much might be caused by the new medication.

I'm not really reading my email too much - I'm reading the personal emails, and trying to respond when I can, but I don't have much energy and focus for writing. I apologize to all the very kind people who have sent me posts - it may be a few weeks before I get back to you, but I really do appreciate your support and kindness. It helps so much to know that you are there in my corner.

And if you read this and your are in my fiber list, please let my Secret Sister know that I got the beautiful shawl. It's fabulous, so soft and cuddly, and the colors are incredible (my favorites)! I can't wait until it gets cool enough that I can snuggle into it, but until then I hung it over the back of my rocking chair where I can see it every day, to remind me of you and all the gals.

That's a wonderful thing to think about. Thank you so much!


Nancy K. said...

I hope that the nausea settles down soon for you. What a trouper you are!

What a special gift from your secret Santa! I Love giving shawls because I feel as if it's like giving a HUG.

Isn't it nice to know that you are loved?

You are.

mrspao said...

You are loved very much x Hug x

Delighted Hands said...

Praying for your strenth and fortitude during this bout of radiation...the shawl sounds like a perfect hug at this time!

Nancy K. said...

Hey Sweetie ~

Just checking in 'cuz I miss you.
Did your 'sunburn' materialize? I know you're not having much fun. Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers...