And I Thought My Bank Balance Was Scary...

So most of us now know that the plastic linings in the cans of food we grew up with, the plastic baby bottles many of us used, those foam containers our Big Macs used to come in, and the cling wrap we wrapped our food in before bringing it to school... they and many other everyday plastic products we used were full of BPA (Bisphenol A), a chemical that among other things produces a synthetic estrogen that leaves us at higher risk for prostate and breast cancer, etc.

Many of us got concerned about that, and some of us have been looking out for that for the last few years, making changes to our grocery habits in order to avoid feeding the awful stuff to our kids and ourselves.

Now it turns out* that those carbonless receipts we've been getting at the grocery store, the Post Office, our ATM's, etc, can contain 1,000 times or more the amount of BPA as one of those can liners. And the BPA can rub off on anything the receipts touch. So when we throw our receipt into our grocery bag - or worse, into our purse - the chemicals rub off onto everything the receipt touches. And from there it gets on our hands and on our food, where it can be ingested or absorbed through our skin.

Oh, good, another thing to worry about...

*you can find reports by Googling 'BPA, receipts', or link here to just one of the many reports out there.


Jane Carlstrom aka Glorious Hats said...

Another good reason to shop at a "low tech" farmer's market :D

Or buy online, at "handmade" sites. LOL

Oh Heck, then the mailman drives up to the house to deliver the package and leaves gas fumes all along the way.

Doesn't seem to be much that is risk free.

What about tupperware? Oh no, don't tell me I need to give up tupperware.

Delighted Hands said...

We are working on going plastic free....it is insidious and uphill all the way! Interesing info on the receipts, thanks for the heads up.