Low Dose Naltrexone. Yes, Again.

You've read on earlier posts about the benefit in energy, mood and pain levels I've gotten from LDN. Here is a video that explains, in part, how LDN works in terms of cell growth through its influence on production of several types of endorphins in your body, and also on the opioid receptors in your cells:

And here is one study of how OGF (which you learn a little bit about in the above video) affects growth of some cancers - in this study's case, pancreatic.

I will have more to say in the future about how studies get done, and how treatments get approved (or do not) by the FDA - but in the meantime, I'm trying to get the word out there about LDN. It's not perfect, and it won't help everyone... but it does help some people who haven't been helped by other treatments, so I want to make sure the information is out there. Because people deserve to decide for themselves - especially when their condition is serious and incurable by 'standard of care' methods - and they can't make a reasonable choice if they don't know that the options are there.


Delighted Hands said...

I have never heard of this before but will have my radar honed on it for the future, thank you for the info.

Nancy K. said...

Are you back on the LDN?

Are you doing any spinning these days?

Sending BIG hugs!

Dayle Ann Stratton said...

Eileen, I also take LDN-- 2mg. prescribed for me to help stabilize my immune system, which became unhinged after years of dealing with untreated neurological Lyme disease and a few other tick-borne diseases. I am on what is called "anti-microbial chemo-therapy". I need to go on multiple antibiotics from time to time for various periods of time. Life is a balancing act, as your blog so well depicts. The term "chemotherapy", btw, was originally used in early 20th century to describe treatments of various infectious diseases such as TB, syphilous, leprosy, by combining multiple agents. It was later applied to treating cancer with multiple agents. LDN does seem to have made a difference for me, and the little video helped me understand how and why. Thanks. I have had my illness for 26 years, in treatment off and on for ten, right now slowly improving again. I know I will relapse, but I'm lucky, seem to be healthy other than having a totally screwed up CNS and spirochetes and babesia all through my body messing with my immune system. I know I could easily have been in your situation. I just got lucky and found a dr who figured out what was killing me in time to keep it from happening. Thank you for sharing your story-- all of it. I'm tired of people expecting us to pretend we're doing ok, and hiding the bad stuff. You put it so well in one of your posts: how the dishonesty cheats everyone: both the sick person, and the family and friends, by isolating the truth. Bless you.