Yeah. Well.

The good news is that my ears aren't infected.

The bad news is that my ears aren't infected. Which means that the nausea and dizziness and fatigue are probably either from the cancer and/or the cancer meds.

I can't be entirely surprised. I'll be seeing Dr. Bouncy in a little under 3 weeks. We'll see what he thinks... but obviously, not too happy.

Which, you know, is pretty much part of this deal. I don't wish it for you. Time for a reminder - keep an eye on your hormone balance (if you tend to have problems with your period, get it checked - too much estrogen can be balanced by the use of natural progesterone cream, and protect you from breast cancer), take ground flaxseed daily, check your breasts monthly. We want you to be here for a good, long time.


timary said...

Ack. Thanks for keeping us posted. Hugs and kisses to you.

Laughingrat said...

Aw h***. I'm sorry. Is it possible it's, I don't know, sinus-related? Anything's better than cancer-/cancer-med-related...

Nancy K. said...

I never thought I'd be saying this, but: I'm sorry your ears aren't infected!

I can't imagine what it is that keeps you going. I, like you, hate nausea more than just about anything. I can't imagine it being a constant companion. Could you share with us what it is that gives you the strength to keep on fighting? Where ~ if anywhere ~ are you able to find bits of joy at this difficult time of your life? Do you go on for yourself ~ because YOU want to live? Or for your loved ones, because they don't want to lose you? Please forgive me if these questions are out of line. I'm counting on you to tell me if they are! But if they're not ~ perhaps I can catch a glimpse of what makes one fight when the outcome seems so cruelly clear. I'm afraid that I would opt for the "easy way out". I'm such a coward.

I truly apologize if my questions are tactless. These are things that I wish I had asked my Mother. I was always going to ask her but never got the courage. It seemed too important to not admit the possibility of losing the fight. So I never understood WHY she fought as long as she did...

Please, do tell me if my questions are inappropriate or in any way distressful to you. If they are, I will most certainly stop at once! I wish that you were not in the position to have insight into the answers. It is so unfair. I don't understand how this can happen to anyone.

I wish you peace and I wish you laughter and I wish you love.