Plague Ship

I haven't been posting because there hasn't been a tremendous amount going on around here.

Other than the sneezing and coughing and moaning, that is.

Not to worry, mine is not a particularly pitiful situation... but the normally healthy and cheerful husband has been rather run down the past few months, and last month he came down with a nasty cold/flu which just won't go away. He's stayed home from work one day each week of April and May, which is unheard of for him. This past week it turned into bronchitis, and he was finally down for the count... he only worked one partial day last week, and came home too miserable to move off the couch for the next four days (other than the requisite doctor and Kleenex runs).

This week is a bit better, thanks to the antibiotics he's taking. I can't do much of anything when he's home, which is restful but not particularly useful for the blogging front. I, um, watched some movies and shows on dvd with the poor sufferer - I love the library - and late at night I read a few chapters, and played stupid games on my computer. Mostly I tried (with rather uneven success) to be both comforting and entertaining.

Just life. Boring, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - I'm glad I'm in condition to be bored.

One thing about cancer, it teaches you to appreciate even very small blessings... and time spent in company with even a moaning spouse is a blessing, indeed, when you take the time to appreciate it.

(Thank you, Moaning Spouse and Snuffling Son. I love you both. And I guess I'm glad you feel better, but I rather miss you!)


krex said...

Amazing that the cold managed to miss you...though I imagine that you don't miss it . I have finally recovered from both cold and Shepherds Harvest(sort of) . Avatar is in red box now...go on-line and reserve your copy .

hugs,and hope the guys let you out this coming week to come play .

Richard Hickey said...

Everyone here has had a touch of a cold except Roberta. Seems Chemo can kick your immune system in the teeth. As such she's the one that keeps getting a cold/sick.

All in fun.

Things here in sunny Cali are same ole same ole. Summertime is almost upon us.


timary said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. As for movies, have you all seen 'District 9' yet? I loved it! Even saw it twice, which I never do.