Ms. Roseannadanna Was Right

It's always something.

Spontaneous bleeding was something I thought I left behind with the hysterectomy, seven months ago.

Evidently not. I tell you, it's been a great weekend. So it's back to the gynecologist. Luckily someone decided to have a baby during my scheduled 6-month checkup, so I was re-scheduled to tomorrow in any case. At least I won't have to try to wrangle something at the last minute - if you are a gal, you know how easy (*koff*) it is to get an appointment with your OB/Gyn.

Blah, blah, blah...


Carrie K said...

Oh joy.

mrspao said...

Hug x

Roberta said...

It's always so easy to get an appointment with any doc...(snort) They always tell me they will call me and get me in sooner if they have any cancellations.(never happens) I tell them now I will hold my breath and see what pretty colors I turn while I wait for that to happen.

prayer bedes said...

I hope the bleeding has stopped and it was nothing serious. You need to compile a book. The last post about the apnea study was...the right word escapes me. Keep up you witty humor. I am not sure if I could be so humorous! (You should have punched her.)

My prayers continue. (That does not sound right after saying, "you should have punched her," but I think God understands frustration and anger too!) =)