Now and Again

I've had a bit of a rough week.  I had a sudden ramp-up of hip pain this past weekend, ending with a trip to the ER for high fever (102.8 F, which is considerably higher than they like to see temps on a chemo patient, since we don't have proper immune function to help us recover from infection).

They couldn't find the reason for the fever, but pumped me full of saline and NSAIDs and sent me home - after all, I had a chemo appointment the next morning.

The pain in my hip has been joined by fairly severe leg pain, so I haven't been sleeping well all week.  And the Abraxane is raising my blood sugar to unprecedented levels, which leaves me feeling rather dizzy and unwell.

But all is not lost.  Or at least, hopefully there is some hope that things aren't dire.  From the patterns I saw last weekend (fever lower after 1/2 liter saline, lowered to normal temps after next day's additional 1 liter saline w/chemo), my feeling is that the fever was actually caused by dehydration and perhaps bad electrolyte levels... because now I'm building up a fever again.  I don't know WHY I'm suddenly prone to dehydration - well, it's been hotter, so I've been sweating a bit more than has been the case previously.  But only a bit.  You wouldn't think it was enough to cause major problems, but who knows what chemo does to the individual system?  Nothing is working the way it should.

But at least it's helpful to know what's going on, at least in part, and that something can be done about it.

So.  If the fever is still there in the morning (I've been forcing fluids all afternoon and evening), I'll go in to the ER again in the morning and get a nice refreshing saline drip, in hopes that it will give me enough fluids to keep me reasonably functional for a week or so.  And maybe have them check out the leg while we're at it.

Wish me luck.  I'm heading out on a trip soon... I'm hoping to enjoy it from somewhere other than an ER bed!


Nancy K. said...

Oh, I DO wish you luck! I just can't understand how we can put robots on Mars & send photos back to Earth but we can't figure out how to stop pain ~ or Cancer! Something is just so wrong with this...

Keep up those fluids girl! They pumped me so full of fluids when my blood pressure bottomed out when I went into septic shock that my lungs started filling with fluid and I couldn't breath! Then they had to flush me with Lasix so that all I did was PEE. At least I could breath...

Delighted Hands said...

Sorry for the rough time....hoping things improve soon!

soren2go said...

Dehydration can cause all sorts of symptoms. Keep up the fluids. Wishing you happiness and extra blessings in your coming week.

The Violet Hoarder said...

Oh goody, let's focus on THE TRIP! (Why can't the fluids they force be wine--so you could be hydrated AND happy?)Going someplace cooler (in any definition of that word)I hope. (I think my porch furniture is melting today.)I'm sending pain-free, fever-free vibes your way, my friend!