Stubborn and Recalcitrant

I'm having a nice pout.

I found out on Friday that I'm allergic to just about everything, and the thing I'm MOST allergic to is the supplements I am using to augment my laughably low stomach acid. Because it turns out that Betaine HCL is made from beets, and in spite of the fact that I've probably had beets twice in my entire life, beets are the king of the food allergy castle.

So the thing that allows me to process my food is the thing I most especially can't have.

Beets are closely followed on the No No list by sesame. SESAME?? You're kidding, right? Nope.

But before I get too giddy with 'this is pretty easy to avoid', on we go to.... well, to just about everything except lettuce and nuts and meat (but no sauces or dressings allowed, kiddies, we wouldn't want to have any sort of flavor to accidentally contaminate our food).

I guess I should be grateful I can have meat and nuts (although I can't digest them), but geeeeeeeez...


Dori Ann said...

I'm sorry, but a nut and meatloaf doesn't sound very good gig
That is really the pitts. I really think you need to have a serious talk with your stomach, tell it to get in line and behave it's self!

Delighted Hands said...

Is this a response overload or what! Can you eat chocolate?!?
I am so sorry that you are having to deal with another pit hole.

Carrie K said...

My mother is allergic to lettuce, which is like what? being allergic to water and chlorophyll?

But sorry to hear your allergy woes! Geez Louise.

Anonymous said...

Meat, nuts and lettuce and no sauces - I think that is so interesting, that's so similar to what many hunter gatherers would have eaten (probably not the lettuce but some other greenery sometimes) and shows that your body knows it doesn't need all those other modern foods.

As a person who eats a Paleo diet, I practically live on fish, meat, nuts and kale and a few other green veggies. As you know I never use sauces to flavour my meat or fish or veggies - they're delicious on their own cooked simply. Your stomach acid will probably right itself when you are eating those foods as you won't be damaging it with the other ones.

I know change is difficult !