Really? Three Weeks?

My dashboard claims that the last time I posted was the first week of July. That doesn't seem right, but I note that the last few posts were on my Knot All That blog, and those were kind of lazy ones that mostly involved YouTube.


Okay, here's the thing. All month I've basically been at war with the healthcare system, and of course these are not battles I can in any way win. I keep thinking that I should post something here, but it just all seems like so much whining and moaning, and who wants to read that?

And although the mystery of 'How Eileen manages to be both overweight AND vastly undernourished' is a fascinating subject, I'm fairly certain you don't want to hear the details of my adventures in collecting various 'samples' with which we are trying to move towards solving that particular puzzle.


But I know I am neglecting you, Dear Reader, and that cannot be tolerated forever. So I promise to report as soon as we find out anything really interesting and useful, and in the meantime I will try to be a bit more diligent about finding something to write about that won't put us both to sleep.

So. Topics of interest. How do you feel about Raw Food?

**one of those things which really are even ickier in actuality than in theory...

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krex said...

I prefer my raw food cooked .

Sorry to hear about the frustrations of dealing with the medical system. How do they manage to function with out the ability to understand simple logic ?