Brief Update

The surgery went well enough medically, if not aesthetically. I unfortunately had a very bad reaction to the antibiotics - which I thought for several days was the flu, so it took a while and increasing symptoms before we figured out the source and stopped the medication. Since then I have been feeling considerably better, and have been slowly recovering.

I had been hoping to recover more quickly, and to be less laid low by this surgery, but I guess the body does not take well to having two major surgeries in as many months. So I must take it slow and deal with the frustrations of the many limitations... again with the no driving and no spinning and no picking things up when I clumsily drop them (and those ballroom dancing lessons may have to wait...)!

Pathology report is back - unfortunately, it pretty much confirms what we already suspected, which is that it's an agressive grower that has spread throughout the lymphatic system and body. It will take a while for me to be able to have a talk with my oncologist about what that means for my treatment - I assume nothing pleasant.

But in the meantime, I will have a little while to just sit and recover, and to look forward to Shepherd's Harvest Festival, where I will have the chance to spend a bit of time with my fiber friends. See you there!!


Delighted Hands said...

Recoup...look forward to the spinning get together-you have an excellent outlook , Eileen!

Carrie K said...

Shouldn't you have minions picking up for you? Sorry to hear about the reaction to the meds and the confirmation of pathology. Clearly TPTB did not hear my directions of complete recovery.

prayer bedes said...

Thinking of you....=)

Nancy K. said...

Hey Sweetie ~

How are you doing? Your poor body has been through SO much? How's your mind holding up?

I think about you often and miss your posts....