Envy and Blind Optimism

I JUST (about 3 minutes ago) got a call from surgeon's nurse, so now I have a surgery date - the morning/early afternoon of the 27th. Both girls going. I am ignoring the 'surgery' part, and instead paying attention to the 'no gap in my shirt placket, and now I can wear pretty necklaces' part.

Of course, I don't have pretty necklaces, and my neck is too thick (fat) to wear most of them anyhow, but the point is that if I wanted to and could find ones long enough, I could wear them without highlighting the fact that the rather-too-obvious bits are heading swiftly southwards.
And did I mention that my shirts won't gap any more? And I'll probably go down at least one shirt size... yay? Oh, and if I lose (a lot) more weight, I'll be able to wear the kinds of dresses I like without looking quite so silly (as long as nobody looks at the ankles).

In any case, I am determined to see the silver lining. I'm not losing the girls, I'm gaining... ummm... I wonder if I could get the plastic surgeon to draw the dotted lines in celtic spirals? That would be pretty cool.

See all the wonderful benefits to having cancer? I bet you want some, too - but you can't have mine, you have to get your own. So there.


mrspao said...

Everything is possible. Are there any colours that you would like your necklaces to be in?

Glorious Hats said...

And what length? Golly gee willikers, here you have a whole slew of crafts persons and sizing a necklace length is a not hard deal.

No neck can be too fat to wear necklaces. Just think of Mr T :D

Must be both a relief and yet scary to have a definite date.

Another benefit of not having to carry the weight of breasts is the ease up on the back. The grape vine suggests that back pain is less when one no longer has girls to haul around.

Looks like plenty of healing time after surgery to be ready for Shepherd's Harvest. Yay for that.

Nancy K. said...

Are you gonna get some "knit tits"?
Then you can have whatever colors you want! If you're not up to knitting (will your arms be weak for a while?) I could maybe get a pattern and knit you some.

Hey! So how much weight do you think you'll lose with the surgery? Talk about a hard core "diet"!

It's a dreary day here in the Bluff Country. I've got candles burning and all my electri candles turned on. I wish someone would come over to spin with me.

Guess I'll go work on my taxes...

{{{Sending you BIG hugs!}}}

P.S. I put in a request for May 9th & 10th off work so I can come to Shepherd's Harvest!

Mtvrdik said...

You made me laugh, Thank you for that! Silver Lining is a great thing! Celtic spirals would be pretty neat, although I'm not sure Doctor and Artist go-hand-in-hand! If so we'd see docs on Etsy! lol!

Barbara Maloney said...

I think we should bring a pattern when we go to get your "drawing" done. It might at least give Dr. M. a chuckle - and who knows.... maybe Dr. B likes celtic art and could add a little color...art therepy?

Carrie K said...

Celtic spiraling would be cool.

Silver linings. There are always some.

The Violet Hoarder said...

Eileen--So the big day is coming up. As you move through it, remember this--you only have to live in the present moment. You don't have to deal with anything that isn't right here, right now. Don't get weighed down in what may or may not happen in the future. Also remember what a tribe of well wishers you have who will all be thinking fond thoughts and sending you very high vibrations on the day of your surgery. We are all holding your hand! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'll be checking the Caring Bridge site for progress reports.