On Today's Visit With Dr. Bouncy

With apologies to L. Frank Baum and his masterpiece:

I'm Melting, M

(Happy Dance, Choirs Singing, The Peasants Rejoice)


Glorious Hats said...

Hip Hip HoooRAy! Joining you in the dancing, singing, rejoicing.

Go forth and conquer!

Yay! E.


krex said...

Gosh...assuminng that "melting" is a good thing in this context (as apposed to snowman or chocolat context)?

If so I will sing with the choir... (in my quitest voice as I am not tone deaf enough to not know that I can't sing in tune . )Gosh, that's a lot of double negatives going on)...Maybe I had better stick with happy dancing with you .

As to the medical bills...I wait until they come after me with pitch forks and tourchs ...not great for credit score but, hey....when I can get away with sending people bills with no explaination of what they are paying for then I will gladly pay theirs . In other words...they want my money, I'm going to make them work for it a little . Also, they seem to have no problem waiting the 6 months the insurence companies take to pay off "their share" what's the rush on us little folks ?

Happy feet,


Delighted Hands said...

A dose of good news is a welcome bit of news!

mrspao said...

Good news, I take it?

Laughingrat said...

I don't understand, but I'm glad it's good news! :-D